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Our values

Our values shape everything that we do as a business and form the basis of our relationships with all our stakeholders. All three of our values are essential to our reputation and our ability to serve our customers.


i performPerformance means being responsive to the needs of our customers, setting ourselves clear goals and standards and achieving them. We deliver quality and value in our products and services that provide quantifiable social and economic outcomes. Our product, technique and service developments reduce pain and speed up recovery.


i innovateTo innovate we need to be energetic, creative and passionate about everything we do. We are pioneers; anticipating customers’ needs, overcoming barriers and developing opportunities. We encourage and support new ideas, and are always seeking to improve the lives of healthcare professionals and the patients they treat with effective and safe product and service innovations.



i earn trustWe understand that trust is something we have to earn. We earn it by being friendly, approachable and listening to others. We work hard to build lasting and close relationships with our customers, colleagues and the communities in which we operate. We are honest and straightforward and do what we say. We have integrity and an ethical approach to business.


Code of conduct and business principles

smith nephew code of conduct business principlesOur Code of conduct and business principles defines our relationships with all of our stakeholders, and the behaviours and conduct they should expect from us in our dealings with them.


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